Meet the SeedWise Farmers

4 Blue Chicks

Richmond, BC, Canada (Zone 11)

Sells: Trees  Tomatoes  Peppers - Sweet 

Allicins Ranch

Moyie Springs, ID, United States (Zone 4)

Sells: Garlic 

Andy's Rabbit Ranch

Parma, NY, United States (Zone 6b)

Sells: Beans  Squash - Winter  Gourds 

Back Home Farm

Blue Mounds, WI, United States (Zone 5a)

Sells: Watermelons  Tomatoes  Zinnia  Beans  Sunflower  Other Flowers  Peppers - Sweet  Celosia 

Banbury Farm

Buhl, ID, United States (Zone 6B)

Sells: Corn 

Dakota Garden Patch

LAKE CITY, SD, United States (Zone 4a)

Sells: Tomatoes 

Evolving Seeds

Tallahassee, FL, United States (Zone 8b)

Sells: Grains  Tomatoes  Beans  Squash - Summer  Corn 

Fables Fibers

Hillsdale, NY, United States (Zone 7)

Sells: Other Herbs 

Forever Yong Farm

Amado, AZ, United States (Zone 8)

Sells: Garlic 

Froggy Meadow Farm

Beloit, WI, United States

Sells: Garlic 

Green Organics Farm

Metamora, MI, United States (Zone 6a)

Sells: Garlic 

Grower Jim's Plants and Produce LLC

Apopka, FL, United States (Zone 9B)

Sells: Other Herbs 

Hardwick Garlic, Eastview Farm

East Hardwick, VT, United States (Zone 4a)

Sells: Garlic 

Harmony's Muse

Scotia, NY, United States (Zone 5b)

Sells: Gourds 

Keene Organics Garlic

Sun Praitie, WI, United States

Sells: Garlic 

Little River Organics

Wellborn, FL, United States (Zone 8)

Sells: Corn 

Luff Farms, Inc.

Three Mile Bay, NY, United States (Zone 5a)

Sells: Garlic 

Mellon Farm

San Francisco, CA, United States (Zone 4-10)

Sells: Shrubs  Peppers - Hot  Poppy  Other Herbs 

Pd Farms/Greifs Gourmet Garlic

Elgin, OR, United States (Zone 6a)

Sells: Garlic 

Peaceful Heritage Nursery

Stanford, KY, United States (Zone 6)

Sells: Kale  Gourds  Okra  Corn  Tomatoes  Beans 

PennGate Garlic

Littlestown, PA, United States

Sells: Garlic 

Refining Fire Chiles

Lindale, GA, United States (Zone 10a)

Sells: Peppers - Sweet  Peppers - Hot 

Skye's Cottage Garden

Ocoee, FL, United States (Zone 9b)

Sells: Canna  Pumpkins  Tomatoes  Beans  Iris  Trees  Perennials  Fruits  Sunflower  Gourds  Okra  Other Flowers 

The Snarky Gardener

Kent, OH, United States (Zone 6a)

Sells: Beans 

Tree to Table

OXFORD, OH, United States (Zone 6a)

Sells: Fruits