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Located in OXFORD, OH, United States (Zone 6a)

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Farm Facts

Established in 2019
0.10 acres in production
1 varieties for sale
Grows and Sells: Fruits

Vilppu Anttila

About the Farm

We have a large American Persimmon tree in our yard, and a couple years ago had such a large harvest of persimmons that we decided to post our fruit online. Hundreds came to share in the fruit that year!

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

We're committed to delivering high quality seeds so you can successfully raise your own persimmon trees. There are no other persimmon trees within miles of here, and we only sell the best seeds. The fruit is harvested promptly and the seeds cleaned and dried with care.

Our Growing Practices

We make our own compost from kitchen scraps and don't spray. Everything is 100% organic.

Our Seed Farming Experience

We began saving persimmon seeds after several different people asked about growing their own persimmon trees.

Regional Adaptation

We only sell persimmon seeds - the tree is an heirloom that's native to the area and has survived for decades.

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Certified Organic Heirloom Open Pollinated