Luff Farms, Inc.

Located in Three Mile Bay, NY, United States (Zone 5a)

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Farm Facts

Established in 2015
2.00 acres in production
6 varieties for sale
Grows and Sells: Garlic

Kurt Lanning

About the Farm

We began farming to produce high quality Gourmet Garlic utilizing our "Certified Naturally Grown" methods. We're located in upstate New York on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario and have 101 acres of which 50 acres is suitable for produce. Our family of 4 operates the farm and occasionally gets help from our children, close friends and relatives during harvest and planting.

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

Currently we only grow garlic, so it is quite easy to keep them separated by cultivar. We increase the nutrient level in soil by taking soil tests twice a year, and utilize crop rotation and cover crops to make sure we replenish the most used minerals.

Our Growing Practices

We purchased our seed from organic growers and believe in these growing methods whole heartedly. Not only is the product better for everyone who consumes it, these practices are going to help save our planet. We are proud of our "Certified Naturally Grown" designation and look forward to becoming Certified Organic by 2019.

Our Seed Farming Experience

Since the garlic bulbs we sell are the same as we plant, it seemed like a smart idea to get involved in selling to people who want to grow their own garlic. We always sell our biggest and best bulbs for "seed".

Regional Adaptation

Yes, garlic loves colder regions that have long winters. We also understand that garlic is quite hardy and does well in most soil types.

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