Back Home Farm

Located in Blue Mounds, WI, United States (Zone 5a)

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Farm Facts

Established in 2010
7.00 acres in production
9 varieties for sale
Grows and Sells: Squash - Winter, Tomatoes, Zinnia, Beans

Doug Butikofer

About the Farm

We are a small family farm located in the driftless region of Wisconsin. The driftless region was missed by the glaciers creating bluffs and deeply carved river valleys. The land remains the same as it was a thousand years ago. We are currently restoring the barn located on a forested hillside with an open prairie on the top of the slope. Back Home Farm is situated on the side of Blue Mound in Wisconsin.
Karin and Doug both grew up on family farms in Northeast Iowa and wanted to teach their children Ben and Dane the values of growing and appreciating where their food comes from. We have shared experiences, carried on our passion for farming by teaching them grafting techniques, seed saving, management of bee hives and the stewardship of the land. Ben is studying Animal Science at Iowa State University and Dane is in high school. Floyd the family dog enjoys running the property and keeping the wildlife at bay.
We have 8 acres with 7 of the acres in production. The land supports 1.5 of woodland, open prairie, an orchard of grafted heirloom fruit trees with the scion wood from the historic Seedsavers Exchange Orchard, a small vineyard of cold hardy grapes bred by the pioneer grape breeder, Elmer Swenson, collected from Lon Rombough, and an apiary using the warre hive and natural beekeeping practices.

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

As a small family farm we are able to emphasize quality and not quantity allowing our farm to produce a quality product that we can be proud of. Only selling the purest seed we can collect.

Our Growing Practices

Our passion is to care for the land as those who settled and cared for the land before us. We follow Organically sound practices however are not Organic Certified. All of our plants and seeds are non GMO, open pollinated, and heirloom varieties. All plants are grown proper distance from each other and are isolated if the variety call for this, to allow for the purest seed possible.

Our Seed Farming Experience

Doug has been a member of Seedsavers Exchange in Decorah Iowa since 2009, he grew up on a family farm in Iowa that has been passed on for generations since 1856. Along with the farm, knowledge has been passed along for generations including the practices of caring for the land and proper seed saving techniques.

Regional Adaptation

Back Home Farm is located in zone 5a, all seeds are collected from plants on our farm in Blue Mounds, WI and from our potager in La Grange ,IL, allowing the plants to adapt to the Midwest climate and thrive in these regions.

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