Located in Becker, MN, United States (Zone 4b)

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Farm Facts

Established in 2020
1.00 acres in production
1 varieties for sale
Grows and Sells: Peas

Alex Rowland

About the Farm

We are located on 12 acres of flat sandy soil in the Great River region of Minnesota, close to the Elk and Mississippi rivers and about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities. This piece of land has been in our family since 1989 and Alex began market farming in 2020. We strive to build a productive and healthy ecosystem using natural inputs that are sourced locally.

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

We stay on top of weeding to avoid any potential interlopers from crossing with our seed crop. Having 12 acres of land makes it easier to maintain adequate isolation distances. In addition, we use living hedgerows to section off our farm into manageable parcels that limit wind and insect pollination between areas.

Our Growing Practices

We have been growing organic since the beginning of our farm, although we are not certified. In addition to not using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, we leave large wooded areas undeveloped and create brush pile hedge rows to promote native pollinator activity.

Our Seed Farming Experience

Alex started experimenting with seed crops while market farming in 2020, starting with lettuce. Since then, Alex has dropped market farming and has become obsessed with growing as many vegetables for seed as he can handle. In 2023, Alex landed and executed a commercial tomato contract with Seed Savers exchange for 2 pounds of cherry tomato seed.

Regional Adaptation

Admittedly, we've focused more on the technical aspect of seed saving to satisfy seed contracts, rather than breeding new varieties. But this is an important subject area we hope to develop more to in 2024 and beyond.

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