Prairie Road Organic Seed

Located in Fullerton, ND, United States (Zone 4a)

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Farm Facts

Established in 1977
10.00 acres in production
5 varieties for sale
Grows and Sells: Watermelons, Squash - Winter, Onions, Corn, Tomatoes

Theresa Podoll

About the Farm

Prairie Road Organic Seed was founded in 1997. Our family had been breeding new varieties, improving heirlooms, and seed saving for our own gardens for since the late 1970s. Our goal was strong, resilient varietes and seeds for our growing family's needs. We needed varieties that would perform under organic growing conditions in our northern climate and short growing season.

Our family farm thrives due to the involvement and investment of our extended family, including David and Ginger, Dan & Theresa, and their son, Neil.

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

Our seed is selected every growing season for high germination rates, seedling vigor, hardiness, agronomic performance, quality traits, and taste. We run our seed over a gravity table to remove any light, less vigorous seed. We closely monitor and record our test weights every year to make sure our seed production meets our quality standards. This ensures that the seeds you plant are heavy and plump, providing you with strong vigorous seedlings that pop out of the ground and grow rapidly.

Our Growing Practices

Our farm has been certified organic since 1977. We are certified organic by by International Certification Services, Inc.

Our Seed Farming Experience

We have utilized our breeding, variety improvement, and production skills by growing seed commercially as contract producers. We were growing and wholesaling large lots of seed for organic garden seed catalog companies. Over the years we introduced some of the varieties we had bred on our farm to these companies. They trialed them and began contracting and buying our farmer-bred varieties. They quickly gained a following. In 2012 we began packing and offering our seed under our own label, Prairie Road Organic Seed.

And we truly enjoy sharing our seeds... We offer our favorite varieties; varieties that are well adapted to northern gardens. These are the same varieties that grace our gardens and our tables.

Regional Adaptation

We are continually selecting and adapting our varieties to a changing environment. Varieties that are well adapted to evolving disease and pest cycles are critical to organic farming systems. Our seed is maintained for the very best agronomic and quality traits for your growing and eating pleasure.

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