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Latin Name: Allium Sativum


Georgian Fire, like most porcelains is a large and beautiful garlic with rich robust flavor that is strong and has an aftertaste that lingers. The clove covers are a light brown streaked with purple From a growers perspective, it is a large and healthy garlic to grow and appears to be relatively resistant to most of the diseases that can affect garlic. It originated in the Republic of Georgia.

Our happy little ranch uses all aspect of organic and biodynamic farming practices to achieve the highest quality food, or medicine, as we like to think of our garlic as. Grown with love and attention, whether planting or eating, the care we take will shine through. Enjoy!

Growing Tips:

Garlic loves loose, well drained soil with lots of organic matter and nitrogen. I test and balance my soil with micronutrients as well. Garlic is one of the best Selenium assimilators in the veggie world, so don't for get it! If your soil drains well, keep it moist (if you can ball it up and it doesn't crumble or isn't slimy it is at the right moisture content) until about 2 - 3 weeks before harvest then pull off all water. Give it an extra boost in the spring and early summer with an organic nitrogen source and it also responds well in the early spring to foliar fed fish or kelp meal. If you have mulched over winter make sure you remove the mulch once it warms up to let the soil warm up and to discourage molds and fungi. Then the weeding begins! The most important thing to growing nice garlic is to keep a clean field. I can't stress this enough! Harvest should begin when you have about 50% of the leaves turn yellow. After you prepare your soil, plant deeper if you intend not to mulch in cold climates, otherwise, just poke it in with your thumb about an inch deep rake to cover and mulch if you are in a hard freezing climate. Good luck!

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    How many bulbs is there typically in a pound?

    Posted by Thom Butcher on 09/07/2018

    Answers 1

    • 4-5 if its seed and 6-7 if its culinary

      Posted by ben ronniger on 09/07/2018

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    I'm in ATL & wonder if due to such cold weather this year, if I should plant garlic seeds in late spring, when soil is warmer?

    Posted by LINDA KOENIG on 01/12/2018

    Answers 1

    • Now is fine, or whenever it's warm enough to work the soil

      Posted by ben ronniger on 01/12/2018


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Georgian Fire Garlic

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