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Latin Name: Allium Sativum


After 13 years of testing over 30 varieties of garlic, we only grow six now, and I can tell you why. Because they are the three best, and out of those six, the Romanian takes the cake. 4-6 monstrous cloves (easiest of all to peel) sheathed in gorgeous maroonish-tan paper all covered by its beautiful porcelain exterior makes this variety a stunner. Will store very well up to 6 months or more under optimal conditions, and besides all that the flavor is dyno-mite. And remember when buying 10 cloves of this variety you will be getting double the weight of any other out there, guaranteed! Very hot and juicy, and containing the highest amount of allicin of any garlic variety known, it is a veritable medicine chest all wrapped up. Loves cold winters if you are going to plant but will thrive anywhere. Not many have caught on to this beauty yet but it will be sure to explode on to the market soon after it becomes discovered.

Our happy little ranch uses all aspect of organic and biodynamic farming practices to achieve the highest quality food, or medicine, as we like to think of our garlic as. Grown with love and attention, whether planting or eating, the care we take will shine through. Enjoy!

Growing Tips:

Garlic loves loose, well drained soil with lots of organic matter and nitrogen. I test and balance my soil with micronutrients as well. Garlic is one of the best Selenium assimilators in the veggie world, so don't for get it! If your soil drains well, keep it moist (if you can ball it up and it doesn't crumble or isn't slimy it is at the right moisture content) until about 2 - 3 weeks before harvest then pull off all water. Give it an extra boost in the spring and early summer with an organic nitrogen source and it also responds well in the early spring to foliar fed fish or kelp meal. If you have mulched over winter make sure you remove the mulch once it warms up to let the soil warm up and to discourage molds and fungi. Then the weeding begins! The most important thing to growing nice garlic is to keep a clean field. I can't stress this enough! Harvest should begin when you have about 50% of the leaves turn yellow. After you prepare your soil, plant deeper if you intend not to mulch in cold climates, otherwise, just poke it in with your thumb about an inch deep rake to cover and mulch if you are in a hard freezing climate. Good luck!

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    When will this be available for purchase again in 2018?

    Posted by Samuel E Reeves on 07/06/2018

    Answers 1

    • You can pre-order starting in a week, shipping starts at the beginning of Sept

      Posted by ben ronniger on 07/06/2018

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    How many cloves are in a pound. What are the seeds compared to culinary?

    Posted by Amanda Parks on 05/29/2016

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    • Hi Amanda,
      There are roughly 25 to 35 cloves per lb of romanian red. Seed garlic is just a larger grade of garlic, and culinary is slightly smaller. Since growers want the best genetics (biggest bulbs) for planting garlic farmers hold their biggest and sell their biggest as seed stock. Seed garlic can be eaten and culinary can be planted. There is no difference other than the size. Thanks, Ben

      Posted by ben ronniger on 05/29/2016

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    Thank you very much Ben I very much appreciate the time you took to answer and explain, I now have a new and better understanding of the "organic" term. This is another aspect of the devious an greedy establishment, and I am grateful for farmers like yourself. I only wish I lived near to you so I could get my produce from you and support you. I live in South Florida and it's pretty incredible to me that there are so very few real farmers market so we have to rely on whole foods!!!! Thanks again and I shall be in touch with you again for seeds and garlic. Best wishes. Lorna

    Posted by Lorna Miller on 11/21/2014

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    • you are so welcome! i am headed to south florida now to see my brother and his family in naples, and friends in ocala. Good to get out of n. idaho for a while, and into the sun, but for sure Florida needs more small farmers!

      Posted by ben ronniger on 11/21/2014

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    what does non-certified organic mean?

    Posted by Lorna Miller on 11/21/2014

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    • Hi Lorna,
      Thank you so much for your question. I am sure you know what organic means and how food produced in this manor is far better for our world at large, but the word "organic" itself has been bought and sold back to the public by large conglomerate ag-businesses like General Mills and Kraft. They recognized the shift in consciousness in this country from buying commercially produced food to organic food and literally bought many small organic companies as well as the name organic so they could capture an even larger portion of the food market. They have since lobbied the US government (who has complied) to change the laws on organic to fit the means by which they produce food (huge-scale mono crops which need pesticides).
      So, what many small farmers like myself whom have always grown food true to the original meaning of the word organic have done is shun the certifying agencies that are the lords of declaring who is organic and who is not. We do not certify our farms through an agency but simply advertise as non-certified organic because most of the public is aware now that organic is what they want for themselves, their children, the environment, etc.. but yet do not know that it has already become a tool by the same ag-corporations that have always sought to compromise our health and their profit. We do this not only to make a statement, but because it is a time consuming and costly process. These agencies make us fill out huge amounts of paperwork and charge us large sums of money to become "certified" thus ensuring that in the future only larger farms and corporate farms will be able to compete in that market. It is hard enough to be a farmer, much less pay your competitor to use a word to describe what you have always done. I am sorry if this is long winded, but it is something that i feel very passionate about. Thank You, Ben Ronniger/Allicin's Ranch

      Posted by ben ronniger on 11/21/2014


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Romanian Red Hardneck

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1 Pound $17.00 Culinary
1 Pound $19.00 Seed
5 Pounds $85.00 Culinary
5 Pounds $95.00 Seed


Allicins Ranch

Moyie Springs, ID, United States (Zone 4)
Established in 2000
5.00 acres in production

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