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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Bauhinia variegata


100 % Organic – no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are ever used and all plants/seeds are hand gathered from my personal garden.

This is a beautiful tropical, full size shade tree that makes a great center piece in the landscape or use as a backdrop.

The tree is not in the orchid family. The name comes from the delicate lavender/purple blooms that look like an orchid.

Each large seed will produce one tree. They germinate very easy and they produced a high viability rate in my testing.

The tree bark/leaves/flowers/seeds are all reported to have some edible and medicinal properties - but that is best left up to you to research.

The orchid tree loves sun and is a fast grower and is semi deciduous. The tree can reach 20 feet in height and width so leave plenty of growing room. This tree makes a great shade tree. Its multiple trunks branch out in a lush canopy. I trim the bottom branches off to encourage an umbrella effect. The tree is tropical and thrives in zones 9-11.

During blooming time, the Orchid Tree makes a spectacular display of purple and lavender petals that form an orchid looking bloom. If the tree is happy, it will start producing some blooms by its second season and each year after there will be more and more blooms, eventually covering the tree. This is truly a breathtaking beauty when in full bloom.

If you are interested in growing young trees to sell, this is a great speciman. They germinate easy, grow fast and are very easy to take care of.

PLEASE NOTE: The information I provide is for my growing zone, 9B, and may not work in other zones. Please research on how to grow and maintain this item in your planting zone. Thank you.

Thank you and happy gardening

Story of this Seed:

My family has grown this variety of tree for three generations. It is one of those stunning trees that when in bloom, everyone that passes remarks how pretty it is. We hand gather the seeds every year. The seeds are dried and stored.

Growing Tips:

Germination suggestion: Part of the legume family. Seeds looks like a large lima bean. Soaking the seed for an hour or two will hydrate the seed. Prepare well draining planting mixture. Laying the seed flat is fine. Place in well lighted location and do not let the potting mixture dry out. Once the seedling is several inches high and has more than one set of leaves, plant in loose well draining soil in final location.

Trees like full sun. Water often when young. Once established the tree is fairly drought tolerant.

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Organic Purple Orchid Tree, Ornamental, Shade

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Skye's Cottage Garden

Ocoee, FL, United States (Zone 9b)
Established in 2009
0.50 acres in production

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