Skye's Cottage Garden

Located in Ocoee, FL, United States (Zone 9b)

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Farm Facts

Established in 2009
0.50 acres in production

Elise Skye D

About the Farm

I run a small family-owned backyard garden in beautiful Central Florida (Zone 9b). All my flora is grown without the use of commercial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

Only natural biomass fertilizers and vermicompost, which I make myself, are good enough for my plants. I strive to copy nature as much as possible in all my planting and harvesting practices.

All of my plants and trees are open-pollinated.

Our Commitment to Quality Seed

I only offer items that I would plant and grow in my own garden. It is that simple.

My gardening landscape is a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat. I believe if we care about the land and the wildlife first our gardens will flourish.

Our Growing Practices

Because my garden grows within the guidelines of the cottage industry, I can personally tend to all of my plants on a regular basis and grow them as naturally as possible. For example, I allow helpful insects to remove harmful bugs from the plants so there is never a need for pesticides, as nature intended.

My fertilizers are green biomass or teas made from my own worm bins. No commercial products are used on my plants.

I grow natural wildflowers and plants that attract pollinators of all types such as bees, which is vital for any open-pollinated garden.

Also, I grow perennials, ornamentals, and trees, which need not worry about cross-pollination. I let nature have her own way with my garden (with just a wee bit of friendly help once in a while).

Our Seed Farming Experience

I come from a long line of farmers, gardeners, and horticulturists. In my youth, I collected seeds with my family and helped cultivate plants via cuttings and root division. I planted my first garden when I was 6 years old and I have been growing plants ever since.

I harvest seeds like the gardeners of old. I allow them to stay on the plant until mature, pick them by hand, clean and dry them, then store them safely for you.

Regional Adaptation

The plants and trees I grow are very happy in planting zone 9b. But many of them can flourish in other planting zones.

Just remember to emulate nature. Grow a plant that naturally lives in a given area. Or be prepared to provide an environment to support it such as a greenhouse for tropical plants if you live in a colder state.

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