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Latin Name: Garlic


Romanian Red, like most porcelains is a large and beautiful garlic with rich robust flavor that is strong and has an aftertaste that lingers. The clove covers are a light brown streaked with purple. It has large easy to peel cloves so it's a favorite in the kitchen. Eaten raw it has a strong garlic flavor with a mild initial tingle, the garlic flavor lingers and sweetens in your mouth and ends with a nutty flavor. It is very good for storage for a hardneck variety. Averages 5 to 7 cloves per bulb
Grows well in most states even some years in Warm Winter Areas, but will be marginal there in years with early hot summers.

Harvests in early-mid summer

From a growers perspective, it is a large and healthy garlic to grow and appears to be relatively resistant to most of the diseases that can affect garlic. It originated in Romania.

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Romainian Red

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