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Latin Name: Allium Sativum


One or more bulbs each of varieties such as Red Toch, Siciliano, Maiskij, Sonoran, Shilla, Viola Francese, Ajo Rojo, etc. This assortment is for the true garlic lover who loves the full range of taste and flavor that comes with garlic but who lives in a warmer winter area where only certain varieties thrive. These garlics do well in zone 6 or higher.


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    Hi, I live in Georgia, zone 7b. Will it be too late to plant these at the end of November? And another question: How many cloves will I get in one pound?
    Thanks in advance!

    Posted by Andrei Butenko on 10/16/2014

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    • I would try to get it in by mid Nov., but late Nov. will work.....
      I always say 60 good plantable cloves or 30 row feet at 6" spacing.

      Posted by John Rueb on 10/16/2014

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    Hi! I live in Oakland, California, in zone 9b (USDA). I'm interest in trying this mix. We have tried growing garlic before but haven't had much luck~ they never bulbed. I'm thinking we just maybe have the wrong varieties? I'm wondering, are the individual varieties that come with this mix labeled so that I will know what is what?
    Thank you!

    Posted by Sara West on 09/19/2014

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    • Yes they are. Also, you may want to vernalize your bulbs- fridge for 6-8 weeks before planting-open in brown bag. Not in crisper.

      Posted by John Rueb on 09/20/2014


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Warm Weather Sampler

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Forever Yong Farm

Amado, AZ, United States (Zone 8)
Established in 1997
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