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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Allium Sativum


Ajo Rojo is a beautiful and distinctive garlic with red/burgundy clove wrappers and good storage. It sizes up nicely in warmer growing areas with many bulbs reaching 2" or more diameter. Silky bulb wrappers. Vigorous root system and late harvest for incredibly rich flavor. Hot, sweet, and flavorful!
We are Certified Naturally Grown.


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    I sent a question yesterday about when your Ajo Rojo garlic would be available for sale since I live in Florida and need to begin vernalizing now. The answer I received was, it is available now. I guess I should ask another way - when will it be in stock as there is none to order. I would also be interested in other softneck garlic that grows in Central Florida. Do you have anything in stock? Thank you!

    Posted by Judy Blair on 06/30/2021

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    When do your Ajo Rojo become available for sale, as I live in Florida and need to vernalize

    Posted by Judy Blair on 06/29/2021

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    • Available now at foreveryongfarm.com

      Posted by John Rueb on 06/29/2021

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    Hi, I’m intrigued about this beautiful colorful bulbs, my question is; is this considered hard neck or soft?

    Posted by Jose Castillo on 04/02/2021

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    Do you sell bulbils of this variety?

    Posted by Cyndi MacLeod on 10/21/2020

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    I've just learned that a garlic collector named G. Lutovsky originally brought Ajo Rojo to Nevada from Spain in the early 1990's. Do you know anything else about this G. Lutovsky?

    I'd love to know more about the history of Ajo Rojo as well as the fellow who brought the variety over.



    Posted by Luke Callahan on 08/19/2014

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    • Hi Luke,
      Sorry, but I know little else on the subject. I read the same description from Filaree Farm when I bought my stock from them 20 years ago....

      Posted by John Rueb on 08/19/2014


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Ajo Rojo

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1 Pound $16.00


Forever Yong Farm

Amado, AZ, United States (Zone 8)
Established in 1997
6.00 acres in production

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