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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Zea mays

Days to Maturity: 85


Parching Starburst Manna is one of Carol Deppe's varieties derived from Painted Mountain. It is similar to the Magic Manna varieties except it has the starburst pattern (chinmark) over white kernels. It is ornamental, can be parched, or made into hominy, cornbread or tortillas. You should get about half PSM ears and the other half the colors of Magic Manna.

Story of this Seed:

I got the seed from Carol Deppe.


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    Hi there! Do you have a crop of this going for 2023?

    Posted by Jason Gogal on 08/31/2023

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    • I am not growing it this year but I have seed available.

      Posted by wayne marshall on 09/01/2023

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    Hi, Wayne! Do you have any Magic Manna in the works? Expect to have any seeds to offer this year or next?

    Posted by s a on 06/14/2021

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    • I don't have any Magic Manna available now. I grew some for Snake River Seed Cooperative.

      Posted by wayne marshall on 02/19/2022

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    Thanks Wayne, I'd love to buy it, but my certifier requires I do the following documentation:

    submit the Non-treated attestation
    submit the Non-GMO attestation for high-risk crops

    How can I reach you with the documents? my farm website is birdandbee.ca

    Posted by Jordan Bouchard on 11/14/2020

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    • I sent a reply to your website.

      Posted by wayne marshall on 11/14/2020

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    if I bought this could I get some affidavits signed to allow me to grow it in a certified organic system? Basically I just need an attestation that says the seed is non-gmo and non-treated to use it.

    Posted by Jordan Bouchard on 11/12/2020

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    • Yes, it is untreated and has no GMO contamination as far as I know. It was certified organic when I grew it, but I am not allowed to sell it as organic now because I no longer have a certified organic operation.

      Posted by wayne marshall on 11/12/2020


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Parching Starburst Manna

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Banbury Farm

Buhl, ID, United States (Zone 6B)
Established in 1980
27.00 acres in production

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