Growing Practices:

Latin Name: Vigna unguiculata

Days to Maturity: 80+


This is a mix of cowpeas that I have added some to over the years. It predominately contains a small seeded tan seeded type that has grown wild here on its own for over 6 years. I believe it came from some early experiments with cowpeas which I abandoned growing for a while, yet it continued to seed itself year after year. It is particularly vigorous, appears to be resistant to root-knot nematodes, and will grow into massive vines. The pods are thick-shelled and numerous in fall. Volunteers of missed pods come up every year in April or May. The other colors in the mix are relatively new but maintain themselves in the population.

I plant these anywhere from April to June and typically begin bi-weekly harvests from September to October for dry seeds. The young beans and tendril tips can be eaten like green beans or the more mature green pods can be used as shelled green peas or steamed and eaten like edamame. The dry peas have a wonderful flavor when cooked. Sometimes I will use them to make delicious, creamy hummus.
A versatile and robust plant. Easy to grow and harvest.


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Mixed Cowpeas

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