Tags: Heirloom

Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: H. vulgare

Days to Maturity: 150 days


I winter sow this 2-row barley in North Florida around mid-November to mid-December, whenever it is cool and wet enough. It likely can be sown in January as well. It's grows about 2 ft tall and, in good conditions, tillers profusely. Like many grains, it is very attractive to ducks, birds, and rodents, either requiring protection or reaping when damage is evident.
Seems to be resistant to some type of rust, often being defoliated in my climate by the virus, but springing back from the damage and producing abundantly.

Story of this Seed:

Gopal is apparently a common name in India where this seed is said to originate. I believe I got it from Sherck Seeds or Great Lakes Staples Seeds several years ago.


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Gopal Barley

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