Growing Practices:

Latin Name: Apios americana

Days to Maturity: 100+


Apios americana

This is a beautiful native, perennial legume that produces edible tubers and beautiful flowers in fall. I have been growing this selection for a few years. LSU did some breeding with hopniss to increase tuber size and productivity. I believe this is an LSU production since the tubers are much larger than wild types, but unfortunately, I do not know the specific one. This type appears to be sterile and will unlikely ever produce viable seeds, even when pods appear.

The tubers in the photo are 2nd year size. I will be sending 15 tubers that are about 1 in. in diameter or a little bigger. Plant about 1-3 ft apart, 1-2 in. below the soil, and give trellising or support. In my latitude and conditions, they will grow 8+ feet tall and become very wide and bushy with very vigorous vines. Not deer tolerant. No issues with nematodes. Plant when received or wait until spring. Store in the refrigerator until planting.

While the tubers of this type are edible, I find them to be bitter beyond my liking. I know there exist other selections that are not bitter or very low in bitterness, but I do not have them. It makes a great native plant addition to any garden and can be useful as a late summer smother crop. It also tolerates a wide range of conditions, such as heat, humidity, and shade. I find mine grows best in full sun, but the plant's usual habitat is swampy, moist lowlands under tree canopy. I have found the wild version growing along rivers here in Florida. Mine also is on highland and seems to do just fine as long as it gets at least a weekly rain in summer.

Growing Tips:

Store in the refrigerator until planting. If you live in mild climates you can go ahead and plant in winter. They will come up in spring.


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