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Growing Practices:

Latin Name: Abelmoschus esculentus

Days to Maturity: 100+


This is a diverse mix of okra that has a range of characteristics. It is great for selecting a variety you prefer or to increase adaptability. Many different characteristics show up, such as pod color, pod type, plant height, leaf type, long harvest window, and many more. They all do appear to be susceptible to nematodes, at least from what I can tell. I am unsure if there is resistance to this or if my nematode population is not bad since the plants all mature, produce, and set seed.

Interestingly, large quantities of seeds often smell wonderful--like some kind of rose. They can be very aromatic.

Story of this Seed:

Some seeds came from the Utopian Seed Project's Ultracross Okra, some came from named varieties I have collected over the years, some from other landraces, and some from crosses I have made myself more recently.

Growing Tips:

Okra is very easy to grow if you have long summers with lots of heat and rain. It is also very tolerant of poorer soils. You will get a harvest in almost any soil type. I direct seed because it is easiest and I have a long season, but it can also be started indoors in flats for shorter seasons.


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Diverse Okra Mix

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