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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Solanum tuberosum

Days to Maturity: 110


Knobbly tubers approximately 6 inches long, these glorious spuds are purple skinned with blue and white flesh. They are great in soups and chowders, are long season and can handle hot, dry weather. As indeterminates, they grow long and vine quite well. Some disease and insect tolerance.110 days

The seeds available this year are MINITUBERS - tiny spuds with great returns, but not the size you'll be expecting. I over-ordered from Sklarczyck Seed Farm and want to share what I have left. PLEASE NOTE that one pound is 126 spuds - read before you order, and respect the price.

Story of this Seed:

These were 'my' first ever seed. I grew them as a teenager, lost the crop after a few years, and re-found them as I began planning my business. I appreciate their flavor and texture; they are a happy medium between firm and waxy versus soft and dry. And digging for them is truly like finding little jewels.

Growing Tips:

Water them well before covering with soil, mulch heavily to help them stand and prevent weed pressure.


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    Under the title purple peruvian and description it says 7. Does that mean you have 7 pounds available?

    Posted by kolton crane on 05/02/2022

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    • I'm not the most technologically skilled, but if it says 7 somewhere, I believe that refers to the approximate number of tubers per pound (7 - 12, depending on the size. Bigger tubers can be cut before planting.) I have many more pounds available than 7; let me know if you want any!

      Posted by Kia-Beth Bennett on 05/02/2022

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    Do these grow like regular potatoes?

    Posted by Ameshia Carter on 04/27/2022

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    • The plants themselves are indeterminate, which means that they grow long and lanky and sprawl across your potato patch. They prefer Ä‘irect sunlight and I don't recommend planting short or small plants next to them. They are a long season potato, taking 100 days in my region to mature and produce.
      I hope this helps to answer your question!

      Posted by Kia-Beth Bennett on 04/28/2022


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I ship USPS and do not ship before mid-March, in order to avoid the seedstock freezing.

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Purple Peruvian

Unit SizePriceDescription
1/8 Pound $5.00 16
1/4 Pound $9.00 32
1/2 Pound $20.00 63
1 Pound $40.00 126