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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus

Days to Maturity: 56 days


New Release - Developed by Edmund Frost for Common Wealth Seed Growers.
Our new downy mildew resistant pickling cucumber! Sweet, aromatic, crisp and thin-skinned, these are great for fresh eating as well as pickling - even when picked on the large side. Bred to grow well in the late season when downy mildew pressure is high, they also thrive when planted early. The vigorous, strong and forgiving plants tolerate bacterial wilt, and there is a low incidence of misshapen fruits when plants are stressed. Abundantly productive over a long window. Stem ends are never bitter. Edmund is continuing to refine this variety. 47 seeds/gram. Grown by Twin Oaks Seed Farm.

These seeds and their offspring are open-source, and not available for private intellectual property ownership. Pass on these words when you pass on the seeds!

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Story of this Seed:

(by Edmund Frost)
I've been working on this cucumber at Twin Oaks Seed Farm / Common Wealth Seed Growers since 2015. Since 2013 if you count variety trials.
We started with an initial cross between two cucumbers that stood out in our 2014 downy mildew trial - one from China and one from the Philippines. I made a selection from this population in 2016 under heavy downy mildew and bacterial wilt pressure, and managed to cross that plant to an American pickling cucumber. Selection from the resulting three-way cross started in late 2017 (we can grow two generations of cucumbers to seed here in a growing season).
The resulting population had a lot of diversity, and is the foundation for our new South Wind Slicer as well as Common Wealth Pickler. We received grants from Organic Farming Research Foundation in 2018 and 2019 for cucumber research and breeding work. The 2014 trial happened with SARE funding. Read more about all this on our research page: Commonwealthseeds.com/research.
Thanks and Acknowledgement to:
-Indigenous and peasant farmers and communities in China, the Philippines and many other places whose brilliant work over so many generations created the parent cucumber varieties used in this project. My hope is to be one small, good part of this whole story.
-Kathy Reitsma and others at North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station in Ames, Iowa (they maintain the cucumber collection for the USDA germplasm bank).
-Adam Call and Todd Wehner from NC State for their work in "Studies on Resistance to Downy Mildew in Cucumber" (2010). Results of this study largely informed the choices in our 2014 downy mildew trial where we identified what parents to use in this project.
-Michael Mazourek, organic plant breeder from Cornell, for support, guidance and encouragement throughout this project.
-Micaela Colley and Jared Zystro from Organic Seed Alliance.
-Bill Holdsworth for making the initial cross in the winter of 2015.
-Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) and Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SSARE).
-Jay Bost, Katie Ziemann, and Gabe Sachter-Smith for doing seed increases and re-combinations in Hawaii over the winters of 2019, 2020 and 2021.


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    Where can I purchase this seed and how late in the year can it be planted? Also, will it work well in strawbale gardening?

    Posted by Tamara Miller on 05/27/2023

    Answers 1

    • You should be able to buy them on this very page! If you have trouble please email us at commonwealthseeds@gmail.com. We plant Common Wealth Pickler and South Wind Slicer up until about July 25th here in Central Virginia, with good results. - Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by Common Wealth Seed Growers Cooperative on 05/28/2023

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    is this more DMildew resistant than DMR 401? thanks

    Posted by Joshua Lard on 04/04/2023

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    • DM resistance of Common Wealth Pickler is comparable to DMR 401, though the trajectory of the disease is somewhat different. Both are able to yield well for several weeks under high DM pressure. Common Wealth Pickler can show signs of DM earlier than DMR 401, but it progresses more slowly. Also, Common Wealth Pickler will produce mostly normal-shaped marketable fruits for a longer time as the plants start to decline, while DMR 401 is more likely to produce misshapen fruits at that stage. -Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by Common Wealth Seed Growers Cooperative on 04/07/2023

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    We're small scale (1 acre vegetables), intensive market gardeners using no-till, organic growing methods so we're always on the lookout for cuke varieties that give us an edge on insect tolerance. We grew Common Wealth pickler along with South Wind Slicer for the first time in 2022. Both varieties gave us an incredibly long harvest and vines stayed healthy for weeks and weeks. Fruit on both varieties is absolutely delicious! Both are on the roster for 2023. Seeds just arrived end of December. Thank you to the team at Common Wealth for developing strong varieties for those of us not relying on pesticides to grow good food. Your hard work is giving growers like ourselves good results. Broad Branch Farm, Chillicothe, IL

    Posted by Anita Poeppel on 01/01/2023

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    can i buy seeds for next spring's planting now? will they keep?

    Posted by Richard Hulcher on 09/03/2022

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    • You can buy them now - they should keep pretty well. However, we are running low on seed currently and may run out for a short period of time. We are producing a seed crop this year and will have that ready to start sending out by December - there will be bulk sizes available.

      Posted by Common Wealth Seed Growers Cooperative on 09/04/2022

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    How to form this cucumbers? Is it bees pollinated? Cucumbers on main stem or on branches?

    Posted by Olga Lelikovich on 07/05/2022

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Common Wealth Pickling Cucumber - Certified Organic

Unit SizePriceDescription
1 Gram $4.50 approx. 47 seeds
6 Grams $10.00 approx. 280 seeds
1/2 Ounce $14.00 approx. 665 seeds
1 Ounce $23.00 approx. 1330 seeds
1/4 Pound $76.00 approx. 5320 seeds


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