Tags: Certified Organic Open Pollinated

Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus

Days to Maturity: 60 days


DMR 401 is the next generation Downy Mildew resistant cucumber from Michael Mazourek’s breeding program at Cornell. Like DMR 264, DMR 401 has foliage that will resist Downy Mildew pressure at levels that kill any other standard slicing cucumber plant. DMR 401 is earlier and more productive than DMR 264. Fruits average 8 inches. We identified DMR 401 as our favorite of Cornell's DMR cucumber selections when we trialed it in 2015. It has done well in a number of trials since - see "Evaluation of Cucumber Varieties Resistant to Downy Mildew" by Margaret McGrath). Grown at Twin Oaks Seed Farm. More recently we have also noticed that DMR 401 is especially susceptible to dry conditions, which can lead to misshapen fruits. Make sure to give it plenty of water. Certified Organic.

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    Are these non gmo seeds?

    Posted by Karen Mayhew on 02/07/2019

    Answers 1

    • Yes, these seeds are non-gmo, untreated and certified organic.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 03/27/2019

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    Is this cucumber monoecious or gynoecious or parthenogenic?

    Posted by Shiloh Avery on 12/30/2017

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    • DMR 401 is monoecious.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 01/02/2018


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DMR 401 Cucumber

Unit SizePriceDescription
1.5 Grams $3.50 approx 50 seeds
14 Grams $10.00 approx 490 seeds
1 Ounce $15.00 approx. 980 seeds
1/4 Pound $40.00 approx. 3900 seeds
1 Pound $120.00 approx. 15,600 seeds


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