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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Cucumis melo

Days to Maturity: 88


Netted 3-4 pound fruits that keep well and hold up well in the field. Very sweet medium orange interior. We have found Edisto 47 to have the best all-around Downy Mildew resistance in our trials. We've been producing seed of this variety for several years, selecting for sweetness and good appearance. Longer season than many melons. From Clemson, 1965. 33 seeds/g. Grown by Living Energy Farm. Certified Organic.

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    I ordered both Edisto 47 and Trifecta melon seeds. Can you grow both on a trellis? Do they have tendrils to climb? My space is limited. Thank you.

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 05/23/2019

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    • You can trellis melons (I haven't), but you have to help train the vines and tie them to the trellis.
      Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 05/23/2019

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    What's the vine length for this variety? Do you grow the Edisto 47 melon on the ground or on a trellis? Do you need to do anything to keep the melons from touching the soil to avoid the slugs?

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 08/30/2018

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    • I grow this variety in rows six feet apart and they cover the whole ground. I haven't experimented with trellising or even mulching for muskmelon. I find that Edisto 47 holds up pretty well to resting on the soil. Pick the melons when they start to change color and slip fairly easily off the vine.
      Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 09/01/2018

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    Please recommend some melon varieties which could survive the July-August rains as well as slug's attacks. Melons with strong tendrils and climbing vines would be able to avoid slugs. Otherwise melons lying on the ground tend to be attacked by slugs as well as other pests. Thank you.

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 08/30/2018

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    • I find that Edisto 47 and Trifecta both hold up well to growing on the ground in contact with soil. They are both good keepers and don't tend to go bad in the field before ripening. Trifecta is slightly earlier, smaller, firmer (very firm texture) and more sutured. Edisto 47 is more downy mildew resistant, larger, and more netted. Both have good sweetness and eating quality. Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 09/01/2018

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    Is Edisto 47 open-pollinated or is it a hybrid?

    Posted by Wendy Burt on 09/03/2016

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    • Edisto 47 is Open-Pollinated.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 09/07/2016


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Edisto 47 Melon

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2 Grams $3.50 approx. 66 seeds
14 Grams $9.00 approx. 462 seeds
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1/4 Pound $34.00 approx. 3700 seeds
1 Pound $120.00 approx. 14,800 seeds


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