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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

Days to Maturity: 50-60 days


The vines reach 6 to 7 feet with rose-pink flowers. The Blue Shackamaxon shelly bean is a bright navy bean, the mature cut short is blue-black. When the pods dry they turn a purple blue color similar to that of Blue Capucijner peas. Amount the Lenape people's, the bean probably had a ceremonial purpose, since the color closely resembles the clamshell beads used by the Lenape for wampum. The dry bean can be used in any recipe calling for Mexican-style black beans.


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    Thank you for your interest I will look into this for you.

    Posted by Doug Butikofer on 02/13/2018

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    • Thank you Doug! Don’t sell out of seeds!

      Posted by Debra Bowman on 02/13/2018

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    Oklahoma here. My boyfriend is a member of the Lenape/Delaware Tribe so I want to purchase these seeds for him but it keeps refusing my card and money is in the bank. How can I resolve this?


    Posted by Debra Bowman on 02/13/2018

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    Are shackamaxon beans good for sprouting?

    Posted by Ray Kolbe on 01/26/2018

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    • Yes they are good for sprouting, and are easy to grow.

      Posted by Doug Butikofer on 01/27/2018


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Blue Shackamaxon Bean

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Back Home Farm

Blue Mounds, WI, United States (Zone 5a)
Established in 2010
2.00 acres in production

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