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Latin Name: Lagenaria siceraria

Days to Maturity: 140


Good production of volleyball-sized gourds on vigorous vines that are very resistant to Downy Mildew. Has stood out as the most DM resistant in several years of trials. Gourds are covered with warts like an Osage Orange fruit; when dried and washed they turn an attractive chestnut brown. The shell is generally thick, and notably stronger than most gourds. Our favorite use is to cut them in half to make sturdy wooden-like bowls. The contrast of the smooth inside and the warty outside is striking. Takes a long time to cure – most aren’t ready till January or February. Original seedstock came from Seed Savers Exchange. 110 seeds/oz. Grown by Twin Oaks Seed Farm.

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    What are the best indicators for readiness for harvest? Should they be harvested green or brown?

    Posted by Katherine Collins on 09/19/2019

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    • Don't hurry to pick them from the vines. Leave them in the field until frost kills the vines. They can continue to cure there until the temperature gets below 20 degrees or so (at which point they can sometimes crack if they freeze, and the seeds can get damaged). Even if left outside through the winter, most gourds usually come through undamaged. I start to process gourds in December. When you can shake the gourd and hear sloshing or rattling it is ready to process.

      Posted by Common Wealth Seed Growers Cooperative on 09/19/2019

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    Do these need to be harvested before the first frost? When are they ready to be harvested?

    Posted by Lori Grelen on 10/27/2018

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    • No, you can leave them in the field till after first frost. I generally bring them in before it gets really cold (below 20 degrees or so), or you risk cracking the gourds and damage to the seeds (if you're saving seeds).
      Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by Common Wealth Seed Growers Cooperative on 10/28/2018


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Bule Gourd - Certified Organic (Pre-Order)

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1/8 Ounce $3.50 Approx. 14 seeds
1/2 Ounce $10.00 Approx. 55 seeds
1 Ounce $18.00 Approx. 110 seeds
1/4 Pound $50.00 Approx. 440 seeds


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