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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus

Days to Maturity: 70


Excellent Downy Mildew resistance, surpassing any other green slicing cucumber that we know of. A new release from Cornell University. Bred by Michael Mazourek, whose breeding program at Cornell focuses on breeding for organic conditons. DMR-264 has been a top performer in Twin Oaks' Downy Mildew trials, yielding three times more than Marketmore 76 under conditions of heavy DM pressure. 10-15 days later than Marketmore 76. This variety makes cucumber production possible in August, September and October when other varieties die from Downy Mildew. These are smaller than a standard slicer and should be picked at 5 inches. 35 seeds/g. Grown by Living Energy Farm. Certified Organic.

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    Hi are these non gmo seeds?

    Posted by Karen Mayhew on 02/07/2019

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    • Yes, all our seeds are non-gmo

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 02/08/2019

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    Are DMR-401 & DMR-264 open-pollinated, hybrid, or GMO?

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 01/27/2019

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    • DMR-401 and DMR-264 are both open-pollinated varieties. The seed we're offering this year is certified organic for both varieties as well. Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 01/28/2019

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    I hope this article (https://rvpadmin.cce.cornell.edu/uploads/doc_666.pdf) is useful to you where "NY264" was mentioned in lieu of DMR264. Both DMR401 and NY264 were shown, by Susan B. Scheufele, to be great in resisting downy mildew.

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 01/27/2019

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    • I had seen the raw data, but the slideshow - makes it a lot more digestible. Thanks for sharing it here. Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 01/28/2019

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    Hi Edmund: Is your DMR264 cucumber the same as "NY264" cucumber? Thank you.

    Posted by Dirk Zhang on 01/27/2019

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    • Yes, I believe so.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 01/27/2019

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    I am in weaverville, nc at an elavation of 2100, and practice organic farming practices, I am interested in any seeds trails

    Posted by David Berry on 03/17/2017

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    • Please email me at commonwealthseeds@gmail.com and we can talk about this more!
      Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 03/17/2017

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    I had the same issue as Martin with DMR-264 last summer in western north carolina. I planted outside and in a greenhouse in mid-July. The vines looked really great, lots of flowers but produced only a handful cucumbers. I am trialling them again this year because the disease resistance was so good and in case the lack of cukes was a fluke.

    Posted by Alex Brown on 02/15/2016

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    • Please do keep us posted on how it performs this season. Most folks have been pleased. Some have reported similar issues: lots of male flowers, but little fruit set. We're looking to gather as much data as possible in order to ensure that we have an accurate representation of its performance.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 02/16/2016

    • I've had a similar problem in central NC, two years running now. Great plant health and vigor, lots of blooms, but very low and slow yield...

      Posted by fern hickey on 12/09/2016

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    I live in London UK. We have had a very 'grey' spring, i.e. less than normal light levels. The 'other' cucumber, open pollinated variety, too, had its first fruit (harvest ready) three weeks ago. Thanks for your encouraging response! Martin K.

    Posted by Martin Kunz on 08/02/2015

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    I have planted the DMR264.
    It is 2 meters high, in a small greenhouse, and full of flowers.
    But not a single cucumber in sight.
    The door and skylights have been open for extended periods. Another type of cucumber and tomatoes have fruited, so pollination should have happened/not be an issue?
    Am I missing something?
    Martin K

    Posted by Martin Kunz on 07/31/2015

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    • Martin,
      DMR-264 is late to mature - about 10 days later than Marketmore 76 and Straight 8s in our summer trial last year. In cooler conditions or possibly when spring planted, it could be more than 10 days (I know its probably pretty hot in the greenhouse). I would guess that the early flowers you're seeing are all male flowers, that female flowers will appear soon, and that fruiting will continue for a long time unless you have serious disease problems besides downy mildew. I should say also that we don't have experience with growing DMR-264 in a greenhouse. Where are you located, and how long ago did the other cucumbers start fruiting?
      Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 07/31/2015

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    Germination and spacing requirements?

    Posted by drew p on 03/07/2015

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    • Germination rate is 90%. We use six foot row spacing and one foot (final spacing) between plants. Edmund for CWSG

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 03/11/2015

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    Are these sold out for 2015 already?

    Posted by David Pays on 12/29/2014

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    • Nope! The quantities are now up to date. Thanks for pointing that out!

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 12/29/2014

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    is the dmr-264 a good cuke for pickles, also?

    Posted by tom gilroy on 12/15/2014

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    • No, DMR-264 really is just a slicing cucumber. Suyo Long is ok for pickling if you get it small enough or just use the neck.

      Posted by A Seed Growers Cooperative on 12/16/2014


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DMR 264 Cucumber

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