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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Zea Mays (non GMO)


Incredible "new" heirloom recovered from Italy by William Rubel (see Mother Earth News full report-Floriana-). Used as a dry grinding corn, the meal and grits (polenta, cornbread, Johnnycakes, etc.) are unsurpassable; delicious and corny.
1 to 2 ears per stalk, grows to 8', 100 days to maturity, shucks/shells nicely for good yields of a highly nutritious staple.
Seed from hand selected ears, grown organically in isolated area.

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    how are you certain that your floriani did not cross with another corn?

    Posted by chad forsberg on 01/26/2016

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    • Chad, I grew it out of phase with local cornfields..so mine were finished pollinating by the time others tassled..saw no evidence of crossing...

      Posted by Randall Lance on 01/26/2016


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Floriana Red Flint Corn

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Little River Organics

Wellborn, FL, United States (Zone 8)
Established in 1996
44.00 acres in production

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