Tags: Open Pollinated

Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides

Latin Name: Capsicum chinense

Days to Maturity: 120+


7 Pot Wes-(Capsicum chinense)-Last year in 2013 I had some 7 Pot Burgundy growing which are smooth skin. One plant had mean bumpy pods. So I saved the seeds and grew out this year. The plants made bumpy pods again but now were just red and huge. I could not call it a 7 Pot Burgundy anymore. I shared the plants with a few friends. One of them was an expert grower named Wes Lane from Texas. I told him I was not going to grow anymore. He said they were one of the tastiest 7 Pots he had ever had. He said I should grow every year! So I could not call them 7 Pot Burgundy anymore and I decided since Wes loved them I would name them after him. Thats how the 7 Pot Wes got it's name! They have extreme 7 Pot heat with nice fruity flavor and sometimes produce peppers bigger than a 7 Pot Jonah. The 7 Pot Wes Chile plants grow up to 4 feet tall. We do not know how stable this is. As of 2014 this is second year growing.

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7 Pot Wes

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