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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Zea mays

Days to Maturity: 90-110


Reid's Yellow Dent heirloom is one of the most popular varieties grown in the United States. 9-10 inch ears are a deep yellow with a common reddish tinge. Stalks grow from 10-14 feet and make excellent silage as they are very leafy.
Approx: 80-85 seeds per ounce.

Story of this Seed:

Originated by Robert Reid of Illinois in 1847 and improved by his son, James L. Reid, from 1870 to 1900.
A story from the originator James Reid:
"I am often asked for the origin of what I call 'Reid's Yellow Dent Corn' and just now seems to be a proper t

Growing Tips:

Sow Heirloom corn only after danger of frost. Heirloom varieties typically do not like the cold. Prevent cross contamination by making sure you stagger your planting with any other varieties which you (or your neighbors) may be planting to prevent maturing at the same time.
Harvest in fall when stalked have turned brown. Then allow to dry further in a dry environment where air can readily move around it. (such as hanging in a garage.) if grinding, you can test kernels by smashing them. They should not "crush", but rather shatter apart.

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Reid's Yellow Dent Corn

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1 Ounce $2.99 80-85


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heyworth, IL, United States (Zone 5b)
Established in 2008
1.50 acres in production

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