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Growing Practices: No Pesticides No Herbicides No Fungicides No Synthetic Fertilizers

Latin Name: Mucuna pruriens var. utilis

Days to Maturity: 150-270


Vining type bean with numerous medicinal uses. It is rich in crude protein, essential fatty acids, starch content, and certain essential amino acids. All parts of the Mucuna plant possess medicinal properties. The main phenolic compound is L-dopa (used in the treatment of Parkinsons disease), and M. pruriens seeds contain some components that are able to inhibit snake venom. In addition, methanolic extracts of M. pruriens leaves have demonstrated anti-microbial and anti-oxidant activities in the presence of bioactive compounds such as phenols, polyphenols and tannins, and preliminary studies on keratinocytes support its possible topical usage to treat redox-driven skin diseases. Used widely in ayurvedic medicine.
This is the "itchless" variety, without the irritating hairs that make growing other varieties a literal pain!

Growing Tips:

Soak seed in water for 24-48 hours before planting to speed germination.
Provide upright support for the vines to grow on.

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    Is Velvet Bean daylength sensitive? I've seen you reference if plants are started in January they will produce by June. Will this work in Michigan? TIA

    Posted by Mama Bean on 01/05/2020

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    • There does seem to be some response to daylength. Even though plants started early will produce a few beans, it's a very minor crop compared to what they produce in the fall when the vines are much larger. If you have a greenhouse you might be able to get some early beans by planting in January.

      Posted by Jim Ford on 01/05/2020

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    Will Some Of These Velvet Bean Reach Maturity In 180 Days In South Ga . Close To Valdosta Ga/ I Would Plant The Seed In A Green House In April

    Posted by James B Smith jr on 09/17/2019

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    • Plants started in April will produce a dry bean harvest around November. If you want to shell out the immature green beans, they will be ready sooner.

      Posted by Jim Ford on 09/17/2019

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    How toxic are the beans?

    Posted by Thomas Reitter on 07/12/2019

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    • Study published in the INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF PHARMACY, 2(11), 2011 concluded:
      "Mucuna pruriens could be regarded as safe in experimental mice for systemic action. Whereas same extract did not produce any sign of topical toxicity, except slight edema, when administered intracutaneously."

      Posted by Jim Ford on 07/13/2019

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    Do you cook this bean like other fresh or dried beans, and what is the flavor quality? How many days to maturity? I live in SW Louisiana.

    Posted by Donna Phillips on 06/04/2019

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    • Yes, you cook it like any other dried bean, and the flavor is similar.
      150 to 270 days to maturity depending on time of planting. Plants started in January or February can produce beans by June. Plants started in April won't produce beans until about November/December.

      Posted by Jim Ford on 06/04/2019

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    How many seeds will equal one pound?

    Posted by Rodney Jacobs on 03/16/2016

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    • Roughly 450-500

      Posted by Jim Ford on 03/17/2016


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Velvet bean

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